Your Rent Is Too Damn High

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

Your apartment rent keeps going up. How did we get in this Housing Crisis?
There just aren't enough homes...

To Bring Back Cheap Apartments

We Just Need More Homes!

  • When there aren’t enough homes, prices will keep rising.
  • And when there are plenty of homes, it helps prices stay down.
  • When home prices are too high, people commute farther and farther from where they want to live.
  • When there are plenty of homes, more people can thrive in the places they love.

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More Homes
Healthier Economy

The dearth of housing options in cities costs the U.S. economy about $1.6 trillion a year in lost wages and productivity

More Homes Where Desired
Prevents Gentrification

Barriers to adding new housing in wealthy areas causes families to displace those in less affluent areas.

Less Regulation
Lower Costs

According to the National Association of Home Builders, regulatory costs comprise up to 30% or more of the costs of a new home in cities where it is difficult to build.

Bipartisan Consensus

"We can work together to break down rules that stand in the way of building new housing and that keep families from moving to growing, dynamic cities."
Obama Apartments
President Barack Obama
Remarks to the U.S. Conference of Mayors, January 21, 2016
"[At] all levels of governments we have got to take a second look at some of the well-intended housing policies that actually decrease our housing supply."
President George Bush
President's Address to HUD Special Advisory Commission

There's alot of construction near me, aren't we in a construction "BOOM"?

Actually, in nearly every city, new construction is at or near historic lows.

Most of the housing is in existing structures, so rent in existing buildings keeps going up.

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